A clan that hold the power of fire in their paws.

Please contact Uglyduck713 if you want to join this clan.


A Clan that hold the power of fire in their paws.




Firestar Orange tom with green eyes. Roleplayed by Uglyduck713


Burntfoot Brown tom with blue eyes and a burnt foot'. Roleplayed by Whatsit88

Medicine catEdit

Pinetail Dark brown she-cat with green eyes. Roleplayed by Uglyduck713


Left-eye Golden brown tabby tom with only a left eye. Roleplayed by Uglyduck713

Tabbystick Skinny gray tom with yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Whatsit88

Blazingshadow Red she-cat with black spots and green eyes. Roleplayed by Wild

Sunfire Brownish orangish she-cat with an abnormally long tail no markings and amber eyes. Roleplayed by Fernfox

Ragestorm Bright orange tom with back spots and green eyes. Father of Blazingheart's kits. Rolplayed by Fernfox


Blazingheart Gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Has five kits. Roleplayed by Fernfox

Blazingheart's kits:

Treekit Tom. Roleplayed by Fernfox

Skykit Roleplayed by Fernfox

Mosskit She-cat

Barkit Tom

Lolkit She-cat. Rolplayed by Fernfox


None here now.

Roleplay centerEdit

Normal Clan LifeEdit

Firestar looked down at his small clan. This clan should grown soon.

uglyduck713 23:08, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

Blazingshadow glanced around. He then walked out of the camp, deciding to hunt. -- Hokage Wild 21:08, December 22, 2011 (UTC)