Lovebreeze is a queen of DeathClan. She is roleplayed by Wild


Lovebreeze is tomboyish, and often takes on the tasks most she-cats would hate. She has a caring side, and has a fierce loyalty to her friends.


Lovebreeze was formerly part of a clan called TrailClan. There, she devoloped a friendship with a tom named Speedblaze. This friendship developed into a crush, which Speedblaze was fully aware of. Using her connections and popularity in the clan, he rose to the rank of deputy. Once the leader, Budstar, lost all of his nine lives, he took over and began a rule of tyranny. Lovebreeze relized that Speedblaze had used her, and never truly loved her. Heartbroken, she left the clan with Dodgingclaw and Eagletalon.

From there, they lived as loners, wandering further and further away from TrailClan.

One night, she had a dream. She was in the Dark Forest, and saw Speedstar. He told her that he had been killed defending the clan, but StarClan had refused to accept him. Lovebreeze retorted fiercely, saying that StarClan would never accept a evil cat, no matter how he died.

They eventually learned of DeathClan, and decided to join.

In DeathClan, Lovebreeze discovers she is pregnant with Eagletalon's kits, and is excited by this. As they discuss names, she decides to name one Speedkit, showing that she never fully let go. She also mentioned Cougerkit, Steelkit, and Coonkit.




Brother In-Law


Sister In-Law



Speedkit (slice)

Cougerkit (pounce)

Steelkit (fur)

Coonkit (fire)

Real Life ImageEdit


Lovebreeze looking over her kits playing.


Lovebreeze now only thinks about Speedstar as a friend, not a love interest.

Her theme song is

Her hobbies are hunting and walking through dense woods.

She wishes to fight Speedstar, because of a bet that goes long back.

Wild says that Lovebreeze is her favorite character, second only to Speedkit.